SET Patch

In 2008, the City of Sheboygan Falls established a Special Enforcement Team (SET) to deal with situations within the city that require equipment, techniques and training that are beyond the norm of most officers. The SET is equipped and trained to assist on search warrants, vehicle assaults and other emergency situations. The ultimate goal of SET is to bring every situation to a peaceful conclusion.

The SET consists of six officers from a variety of backgrounds and have received specialized training on a Federal, State and local level.  Officers serve on a voluntary basis.  The team has monthly training sessions to maintain a high level of readiness and proficiency.  All members of the team are tested annually on their fitness level and must meet or exceed the high standards or be removed from the team.

 Special Enforcement Team

The SET is equipped with ballistic shields and helmets, tactical vests, AR-15 rifles, shotguns, and breaching or entry tools.  Additionally the team deploys less-lethal weaponry, distraction devices, chemical munitions and night vision equipment.

Since its inception, members of the SET have been involved in the execution of approximately 60 search warrants with 50 felony arrests and 120 misdemeanor arrests of numerous individuals.  The team has been extremely successful and in all situations there were no injuries to officers, subjects in the residence or the suspects themselves.  The need for a specialized team within the city continues to rise.

The SET is under the direct command of the Chief of Police and supervised by Lieutenant Hoogester and assisted by Officer Palese.